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offers a broad overview of Korean companies and associations in Germany as well as non-Korean companies that work closely together with South Korea or the Korean language. We compile job advertisements from both branches to enable young professionals with an interest in Korea to find a suitable position. 


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Find internships, full-time positions or freelancer jobs in your area

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In times of globalization, the world is moving closer together.

 This makes it all the more important to understand colleagues, business partners and customers. 

Companies are looking for employees whose intercultural understanding far exceeds pure language skills.

Language and Culture

Be an interpreter, a book or webtoon translator, a game localization specialist, a foreign tour guide, etc.


Be a researcher, a professor, a member of a non-government association, etc.


Be an investor, an international human resource manager, a sourcing and logistics manager, etc.


Be a politician, a consultant, an ambassador, a reporter, a news journalist, a foreign correspondent, etc.

Bring out the "K" in you!